Why Use Drupal For Your Website

Drupal is a well-known content management software, it is used to build many different websites and applications which you can use daily. There are lots of great features of Drupal including reliable efficiency, excellent safety, and easy authorship of content. It is undeniably the reason why most agencies, large and nonprofit companies used this tool. Discover why Drupal is the one-stop-shop for a website developer, organizations, or companies. 

Popular Drupal-run Sites

Since Drupal is a famous CMS, we will give you a list of some popular sites that use Drupal


NASA is a civilian space program, aeronautics and space research of the U.S federal government. The website gives information about space missions, images, and videos in high-definition of the space. Its purpose is to give and develop new technology, and to uplift the user’s experience. 

2. ABS-CBN News

ABS-CBN News is a Philippine media which comes to local and international news collection in the island country, it is the main and most detailed news source. The site uses Drupal to convey real-time news, connect through multiple social media sites, and promote group dialogue to set up profiles and participate in conversations through a login system for newsreaders.

3. Keap

It is a type of private company that provides a service and automation network for small businesses for customer management including customer relationship management, lead capture, marketing automation, customer lifecycle management, and e-commerce.

4. The Emmy Awards

A collective of American awards, from its actors and directors to its engineers and charitable effects, is committed to honoring the best of U.S. television. Their website covers features of prominent TV events and celebrities worldwide. 


NCAA is a combination of sports journalism and sales. In addition, NCAA is a non-profit organization that governs athletic competitions across the United States for 1,281 colleges, conducts conferences, and oversees associated organizations.

Who Are The Ideal Drupal Users

Since it has great features, it is an ideal software for large corporations, trade associations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and foundations. In addition to those with broad resource libraries and databases, it is well equipped for complex, content-heavy, and high traffic websites.

Why Use Drupal For Your Website?

Due to the simple WYSIWYG editor, authors, editors and site administrators may contribute to a Drupal site without HTML or coding experience. The WYSIWYG of Drupal enables the material to be written, modified, and added as easily as in a Word document. You can also add images, formatting, and hyperlinks using simple menu buttons. Here are the reasons why you need the help of Drupal for your website. 

You Can Access Anywhere

Drupal is a browser-based interface that allows several users to access the web from any device simultaneously for editing, a valuable tool for a large organization.

With A Large Module Library And Highly Customizable

With a Lego-like structure, it is highly customizable that can be assembled to exact specifications. With thousands of designers contributing to the module library, Drupal boasts a wide user community.

The recent update of Drupal is the beta update for Drupal 9, the next minor release. Betas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who report their own bugs comfortably. 


A responsive interface design facilitates a smooth display of content through multiple devices. Almost 52% of the population now is owning smartphones, it is more important to make your website mobile-friendly.

No Technical Experience Needed

Since this software is easy to use, you don’t have to be techy to run this software. 

Flexibility Of Content

To help produce a versatile content architecture, you can find several navigation and menu modules. This enables you to organize a big, content-heavy website with ease.

In-site Search

The weak search functions that generate a bottleneck will slow down both high and low traffic sites with large databases. Complex searches, indexing attachments, and searching on several pages are also possible with Apache Solr.

Flexible Integration

It is highly scalable and facilitates third-party API integration and the development of your own endpoints for the API. In making your website function smoothly with common third-party platforms such as SalesForce and Net forum, APIs and SSO are critical.

Drupal also has the ability to run headless,” meaning you can publish content and see it as a notification on an object such as an Apple Watch or billboard on Drupal’s powerful resources. By adding new functionalities that help the status of Drupal as a leading CMS, it offers additional versatility.

For complex, content-heavy, and high-traffic websites, as well as those with broad resource libraries and databases, Drupal is often the best option. Drupal is extremely strong, scalable, secure, and usable. Drupal is better suited to large and complex sites in general. WordPress can be marginally simpler to use but it lacks the depth and strength that a professional platform needs for many large companies and agencies.


Drupal is one of the most popular and functional for the website developer. The good is that it is suitable for large and complicated sites. That is why large companies and government agencies use Drupal for their website. 


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