Why Use WooCommerce? Know the Pros and Cons

Are you planning to use WooCommerce? You are just right about visiting this page. Searching for its pros and cons is the right decision. You will then decide after hearing what you wanted to hear.

Learning enough information and deciding are basics of basic. Of course, your decision is made after you gain enough information for your basis.

Same as learning the benefits and downsides of WooCommerce.

There are so many eCommerce platforms out there, why use WooCommerce? Or, not.

Let’s come back to that question later. First, what are the advantages?

Let’s find out.

  1. It’s Free!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? No one. Let’s be honest, using a free eCommerce platform is an advantage. In the case of WooCommerce, the main system is free; it’s only up to you to add new features if you want.

Do you want to start your business online? You can use WooCommerce.

  1. Create What You Want

We know what the user wants. They want to create their online site. That is where WooCommerce comes in with its huge collection of add-ons and features.

You can customize your beloved website to your heart’s content.

  1. Everything is Under Control

Admit it, we have the habit of controlling the things that affect us, such as spending, or eating too much.

This is the same also with WooCommerce. You get everything that you own in WooCommerce under control, from taxes to customer accounts.

  1. Broad Payment System

One of the best advantages of Using WooCommerce is that it supports various payment methods including Paypal to Cash-on-Deliveries methods.

  1. Sell Anywhere

Even when you are taking a break on an island, as long as your connected to the cyberworld by way of WooCommerce, you can sell anything. I mean it.

WooCommerce offers services or products online, as well as tangible brands.

  1. Support

With WooCommerce’s huge amount of users, it’s no wonder that you can get the support you need almost instantly.

The huge community of WooCommerce is one of its strong points. Users can easily solve problems when they arise. Also, there are documentations and materials that are readily available for you to use.


Just like the way you secure your store in the real world, you also need to secure your online store. WooCommece has regular updates, and these updates mean no bugs and malicious software.

Surely you don’t want to get your store robbed. The platform offers strong security for you to not worry.

Well, we have reviewed the benefits. So we’ll be going to the disadvantages.

The Problems of Utilizing WooCommerce

  1. It’s Not Easy to Use 

If you are a veteran of WordPress, then using eCommerce will be a piece of cake. But what if you are a newbie? It might be harder for you.

You might want to hire professionals to help you do your business, like us.

  1. Not A Complete eCommerce Solution

WooCommerce is just a plug-in of WordPress. So, you can’t use WooCommerc in sites that don’t use WordPress. To use WooCommerce, make sure your website is using WordPress.

  1. Pay for Features

Even though many say that WooCommerce is an excellent platform, they cannot deny that many of them pay for getting add-ons and features that they want. It is only a base platform. For you to utilize its full potential, you need to buy plug-ins and features that will work for you. Or by signing up on plans, depending on your needs, you will have to pay for it.

For a new company, it might be expensive to use. Why? Because sometimes, you end up paying for features that don’t really matter if you are starting.


WooCommerce is a powerful tool, yet it is like a bucking bronco. More power, harder to use.

It largely depends on your knowledge and experience with WordPress. But if you are already familiar with WordPress, then it might be a good thing for you. And you know that WooCommerce supports a large variety of plug-ins and features with a budget. You can take control of everything and customize whatever you want if you pay for it.

Written by: Loui James Barrido