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WordPress website development and maintenance services tailored to your needs

Experts in WordPress Website Development

At Eternus Global, WordPress is at the center of all we do. WordPress allows us the versatility and security to produce a great and unique website development for our customers, whether we’re constructing and creating an exciting new WordPress website or utilizing one of the many innovative plugins available to enhance your SEO. When WordPress was initially released in 2004, it revolutionized online design and functionality. However, our website creators have been producing WordPress websites since then. WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world, with over 75 million websites running on it.

When constructing WordPress websites for various organizations, as website creators we learnt a lot about how to alter the platform to match the needs of our clients. Creativity, clarity, and usefulness are all important factors. WordPress websites that are both creative and functional, as well as incredibly engaging, are something we specialize in. You can count on them to improve traffic to your website and engagement with the individuals that matter most to your business. The cornerstones of good WordPress website design are clarity and simplicity. A website with a simple design and a positive user experience may assist you in meeting your marketing objectives.

Premium search engine optimization (SEO) combined with a user-friendly content management system (CMS). By enabling our designers to weave SEO tactics into the fabric of your site from the start, WordPress development sites give unrivaled potential to improve search results. Because WordPress is so popular, you can anticipate frequent updates, a long-lasting site, and extensive, transparent, and user-friendly content management features.

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Hosting, Customer Service, and Security

Websites will not function properly unless they are hosted and maintained in a secure environment. They are required for your website’s long-term survival, internet visibility, and security. Your website is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to our 99.9% update guarantee, frequent backups, and monthly security upgrades.

WordPress Website Design and Development

The world’s most popular content management system is WordPress, a free open source platform (CMS). Because it is easy, practical, and entirely flexible, it is utilized by over 28% of all websites on the Internet. Bloggers were the first to utilize WordPress to share their tales. More and more worldwide enterprises are turning to WordPress for its scalability, privacy, accessibility, and dependability when it comes to publishing their content to a global audience of billions of people. The nicest thing about developing WordPress websites from our website creators, apart from the fact that it’s free, is that it’s continuously being updated and improved. With each platform upgrade, users have access to exciting new features and strong capabilities, putting their websites ahead of the competition.

Having a WordPress-powered website may benefit you in a variety of ways. Please contact website creators like Eternus Global if you have any more questions regarding WordPress, and we would be pleased to share our knowledge of the platform. For additional information, please visit our Eternus Global website. Contracts are not legally binding. You are not obligated to strike a transaction with anybody since there is no binding contract. You may quickly switch providers since you are not tied to one. There are no licensing costs.

Despite the fact that WordPress is open source, it may be used by anybody, anywhere, at any time. There aren’t any licensing fees to pay. Upgrades to the platform are also given at no cost.

Search engines will appreciate it. When website creators build a website using WordPress, search engines find it much simpler to index your material. Meta titles, tags, and keywords may be added to each page, post, or picture to help your content find a broader audience. You now have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. You are the only owner of the data on your WordPress-powered website. You may relocate it or change sources at any moment since it is never bound to a single source.

Adaptable to a variety of users

You may give various tasks to different persons despite the fact that WordPress includes built-in user levels ranging from super administrator to author, contributor, and editor.

It is simple to use.

WordPress’ appeal is due in part to its simplicity and intuitiveness. User training is reduced to a minimum since many users are already acquainted with the platform.

Boost the effectiveness of your content

It’s simple for your marketing or publishing teams to manage your content with strong publishing choices including previews, planning, and audits.

Completely adjustable

Your website’s backbone is WordPress. Because it is totally customizable, you can offer your guests a completely unique appearance and experience.

WordPress provides a number of benefits.

When it comes to enhancing your site’s visibility in search engine results pages, WordPress has a lot to offer in terms of technical SEO. It provides you with a strong foundation for ranking on the first page of search results.

APIs that work are still available.

Rest APIs enable you to offer a completely working website or an expanded web-developed application thanks to WordPress’s capabilities and configurable features.

Options in a variety of languages

You may use the WordPress Multisite setup or one of the most popular translation plugins to create a multilingual website.

High degree of protection

WordPress is a safe and secure platform thanks to its peer-reviewed source code. As a result, even the most security-conscious businesses will be using the same version as you.

Complete integration

WordPress enables you to link your website to other Internet services, forums, or user accounts in a comprehensive and safe way.

A design that can be changed

Regardless of the kind, feel, or design you choose for your website, WordPress’ versatility enables you to be as creative as you want.

The Advantages of Adopting WordPress as a Performance Platform

WordPress will meet or exceed any speed requirements you specify. WordPress has the ability to send your content to any audience, worldwide or locally, in a matter of seconds.


WordPress is one of the most stable and trustworthy CMS systems in the world, because of its constant innovation, robust code foundation, and safe architecture.


WordPress can simply scale up and down in size. This implies your website can handle tens of thousands of user logins and millions of page requests at the same time.

Services for WordPress Support and Maintenance Developer

WordPress support and maintenance are available from Eternus Global. They may create a package that includes everything from managed hosting and support, to on-demand service for you. The website development team can assist you with all elements of website design, development, administration, and hosting, and we can customize a solution to meet your specific objectives, timeline, and budget. We can operate as your digital on-call personnel if you don’t have the time or resources to administer your site internally. These website support locks are tailored to your specific needs and provide you the freedom you need without any long-term commitments or ties.

The progress is still being made. We’ll maintain your website up to date and working properly while you concentrate on your company. Our WordPress website creators will frequently examine and alter your site to keep ahead of the competition as part of our website support services.

WordPress Creators Who Know What They're Doing.

A competent account manager will be assigned by development website creators to address any issues you may have regarding your site and its efficacy in keeping projects on schedule. We take great care in recruiting and training each of our personnel, so you’ll always be working with a WordPress pro. You will be able to save both money and time.

Working with WordPress website creators and knowledgeable staffs from a company like Eternus Global may help you better grasp your site’s requirements. We can assist you in determining the best course of action for your online presence, as well as educate you how to build and extend your website in order to attract considerable new traffic.

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The Fundamentals of Web Development Services

Eternus Global’ WordPress support fixers come with the following features:

Plugins for WordPress

WordPress plug-ins, also known as add-ons, are software applications that enhance the platform’s functionality.

In the plugins directory of, there are now over 50,000 open source plugins accessible for free. Everything from e-commerce, online reservations, and picture exhibits to fundraising, safe access, and data gathering may be handled by them. Plugins may assist you in achieving your website’s objectives. There are many more alternatives accessible via third-party WordPress plug-in sites, as well as additional first-class options, in addition to those supplied directly by WordPress. They are meant to be sold to individual website creators and technology organizations on a monthly basis and may be bought or downloaded.

Each plugin you install will enable you to provide your consumers precisely what they want and need. Although WordPress plugins may assist your site with a variety of extra functions, you should keep the amount of plugins you employ to a minimum. Their core code may not be as foolproof as it should be since they were produced by a third party. Too much might cause your site to slow down, as well as glitches, bugs, and compatibility difficulties. To prevent this in the compilations, we must incorporate custom code and only utilize plugins that are strictly required to enhance your site’s user experience. The majority of the plugins we use on a daily basis have been tried and tested over time to ensure that they give you the improved functionality you want.


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Contact Form 7

Another essential plugin for any WordPress-powered website with a contact form or data collection. Contact Form 7 is fully customizable, allowing you to handle a variety of forms with ease. Its CAPTCHA screening also helps to keep your mailbox free of spam.

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WPMU DEV is a robust set of tools for creating high-end websites that provides us with everything we need to properly maintain your site. With features like as on-site performance, key archives, optimization, and more, WPMU DEV is a must-have tool for optimum site speed and maintenance.

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Yoast SEO (search engine optimization)

One of the most well-known and extensively used WordPress plugins is Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin may assist you in improving your website’s search engine rankings. This is a must-have tool for anybody with a WordPress-based website who wants to rank high in search engines (search engine results pages).

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Without a question, WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for online e-commerce. With WooCommerce’s easy connection with WordPress and over 140 region-specific payment options, you can sell both physical and digital things with confidence

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Millions of WordPress sites utilize the Akismet plugin to keep spam and hazardous content out of contact and comment forms. It removes undesired content and false comments from your site on a regular basis, and you may review all things identified in the administrative section.

WordPress Plugins that Improve Performance

Our objective as professional WordPress website creators or developers is to make each site we build as quick and efficient as possible. In addition to utilizing your own clean, bespoke code, CDN, and correctly optimized content, we propose a range of WordPress plugins to improve the performance and efficiency of your site.
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When it comes to improving your site’s SERP ranks, page speed is crucial. Hummingbirds will fly down to your site and expand each page, ensuring that it loads quicker and obtains a better ranking. It identifies the files that are slowing down your site and suggests ways to speed them up.

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WP Smush Pro

Using the award-winning image compression provided by the WP Smush Pro plug-in, which has over one million installations, you can optimize your site and save server space. This useful application guarantees that every picture in your directory is precisely sized and optimized, allowing your site to operate smoothly.

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Total Cache for W3

W3 Total Cache is another excellent plugin, with over one million active downloads globally. This is a great tool for making your WordPress-powered site faster. W3 Total Cache will make your website load quicker and perform better for you and your visitors.

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For a good SERP ranking and a pleasant user experience, the website must be thoroughly built and optimized everywhere; Autoptimize makes this simple. This plugin will calibrate all of your page files, including embedded scripts and HTML, in order to make your site more stable and speedy.

Plugins For Security

Any organization that operates online should make security a primary concern. Despite the high degree of security given by WordPress as a standalone website construction platform, brute assaults, other sorts of hacking, or significant digital damage to your site and login area may not be prevented.
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Defender employs sophisticated multi-layered security technologies to safeguard your site from hackers, attackers, and harmful bots. Multi-layered protection includes IP blacklist management, Google 2-step verification, in-depth analysis and repair of fundamental WordPress files, 404 limitation to avoid bots, and many more security features.

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Wordfence, a WordPress security plugin, uses a web application firewall and a continually updated threat prevention channel to identify and stop harmful brute force assaults and malware threats. Wordfence delivers comprehensive and complete security for your website with powerful features like password protection, intelligent manual blocking, two-factor authentication, and large repair files.

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All in One WP Security & Firewall

For your WordPress-powered site, you’ll need the All in One WordPress Security and Firewall plugin, which incorporates all of the required security features as well as a firewall. By searching for vulnerabilities and installing the most recent WordPress security updates, it lowers security risks. Some of the features include user accounts, logins, registrations, file system security, database, blacklist, and firewall. For worldwide coverage, the plugin may be translated into different languages.

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Checkboxes that say “I’m not a robot” may be seen on millions of websites throughout the globe. Although reCAPTCHA from Google safeguards your site against spam and abuse, a one-time verification may not be sufficient for all needs. The enhanced reCAPTCHA v3 system is safer and has additional functionality.

Using advanced risk analysis, ReCAPTCHA identifies potentially harmful traffic, such as abuse or spam schemes and unlawful submissions. It keeps bad bots out while enabling normal users to move about freely.

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