Your Catch And Loss in Using WordPress

Your Catch And Loss in Using WordPress

WordPress is a CMS that creates web content and pages. You can make your desired webpages or contents using it. WordPress is also the most common webpage and web content maker. You can easily update your web pages without creating one from scratch. But it also has negative sides, so let us all know your catch and loss in using WordPress sites.

There is an entire business industry that is dedicated to WordPress, from small businesses to corporate level entrepreneurship. Using WordPress helps you to get work done more effectively.

WordPress and its Advantages:

1. Great CMS (Content Management System)

Navigating easily through pages and contents is one of the capabilities of WordPress. Though you may have basic skills and knowledge, you can understand what you are doing. As long as you know computer language, you can utilize WordPress conveniently. You can customize things you want, depending on your taste.

2. Plug-ins

Using WordPress plug-ins will be a significant move if you want to use WordPress. You can easily understand and work with plugins in WordPress unlike other CMS, which becomes harder to read, to understand and use. It also comes with free plugins that offer custom functions to enable users to make their sites whatever they want it to be. However, it does not come with various premium plug-in approximately 1,500 plug-ins the WordPress can offer. You can use these plugins, paid or not, to make your work easier.

3. SEO

WordPress was created with SEO in mind and for simple usage. Other people find it hard to work with descriptions and meta tags. WordPress makes these tags easier to understand and simple to work on. It can also teach you many things and techniques when it comes to optimization. WordPress can also make you understand what words, phrases, and sentences are best for search engine usage. In this way, many people can read your content and gain benefits from it.

4. Ecommerce Sites

The eCommerce industry is one of the users of WordPress sites. Today, many people prefer to shop online and sell online. WooCommerce has a significant part in this industry. If you have optimized your site effectively, you can advertise your product more efficiently.

5. Forums

You can also easily use WordPress plugins to turn your site into a forum site.

6. Bloggers

Blogging is one of the main reasons why WordPress is created. It is time-efficient, cost-effective and does not need complex knowledge to use it.

7. Low cost

You do not need a large sum of money to use this CMS. It is free to use and lots of free themes are available for you.

8. Professional Themes

Many corporate companies also utilize WordPress. By getting premium themes, you can use WordPress’s full potential for your site.

9. Updates

There is always a consistent update for WordPress. New plugins, features, themes, securities, etc. are integrated into the old system.

10. Performance

One of the strong points of WordPress that it requires minimal coding.

11. Mobile-friendly

WordPress is also optimized for mobile usage. Most WordPress themes today are made so that you can see them and interact with them through mobile devices.

Those are the pros of using WordPress. Now, we will take a look into the cons of WordPress

The Disadvantages of WordPress

1. Hard Custom Layout Usage

The first setback of using WordPress is its layout. It is indeed customized, but it is difficult to navigate through it. Also, some of the designs are hard to customize, or sometimes inaccessible by the time you need it.

2. Lots of Updates

WordPress’s consistent updates are always running on your site. You need to take time to update your site files, plug-ins or themes twice or thrice a month. Sometimes, you need to reset your WordPress to its previous version if you run with some issues.

3. Learning curve

It is true that you don’t need complex computer language skills or high-level technical skills to use WordPress. But it is advisable to have proper prior knowledge before using WordPress so that you will not have a difficult time in cutomizing it.

4. Site Hacks

Sites are easily hacked. Viruses and malware can be installed on your site. It is best to check your site regularly for these undesired programs.

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Dr. Marie Gabrielle Bedia