Your Gains and Losses Using Shopify

You have a business, and want to set up a store online. You learn about Shopify, but you do you know its pros and cons? I’m sure you don’t, that is why you are here.

It’s good that you came here, because choosing an eCommerce platform without prior knowledge will, you know, may bankrupt you.

So, basically, Shopify is an online store builder. With a broad range of options for customization. You can either sell products physically or sell services online.

In Shopify, creating an online store without 3rd parties companies is common. Another good news is that, when you know HTML and CSS, you will be surprised to know that Shopify, can enable you to alter the two of them.

Also, you can add new applications to suit your needs.

Ok, now, let’s talk about them. The benefits and liabilities:

Shopify’s Advantages:

  1. Simplicity

If you are new to the eCommerce industry and you choose to use Shopify, then, good for you. You have chosen one of the easiest eCommerce platforms to use!

Shopify was originally made with ease of use in mind.

Even other veteran users who want to fully utilize their online business without spending too much money.

It’s so straight forward that even newbies can understand pretty well.

  1. Themes

It is a very good thing to have freebies, who don’t want any freebies?

Shopify got you very good looking 10 free themes. All of these attractive themes come in 2 to 3 variations. In that way, you can have several modifications to your design.

  1. In-built marketing tools

Considering other eCommerce platforms, Shopify comes in with some good marketing tools.

You don’t create an online store using platforms with mediocre features. Who would want that?

From integrating with social media to superb SEO implementations. Shopify is an expert for that.

You can even make blogs with this platform for your content.

  1. Functionality

What good is an online store builder if it is not regularly updated?

In Shopify, you can choose any apps you want, need or like. With its vast apps store, it can help you from managing your accounting to generating traffic for your site.

  1. Price

Do you want to be successful in your online business venture? Then prepare some investment.

Comparing to other online store builders, Shopify might be a little more expensive. But remember, the cheaper the price, the ordinary the service.

But if you are new, in Shopify, you don’t have to pay a huge amount. Shopify also offers plans, cheapest plans for you to start your online business dream.

Those are just some of Shopify’s advantages, now let’s talk about its cons:

Shopify’s Disadvantages:

  1. Simplicity

You would like your online store to be known and produce heavy traffic.

Making it more customizable is the shortest way.

To make that happen, you need to hire a specialist and experts. I think that is not a good investment for a company that just started.


  1. Themes

As mentioned before, you got 10 cool themes as freebies, right? What if, none of them suit your taste?

Then again, money matters.

True, you can access and use all of its hundreds of themes if you are going to pay for it.


  1. In-built marketing tools

If you are using Shopify, I know you paid for some of the good stuff.

All of Shopify’s built-in tools may help you, but you can’t use the potential capability of this eCommerce platform.

One way of solving this is by upgrading your plan. However, what do you need to upgrade? Yes, more money.


  1. Functionality

You pay what you need.

Going to a more easier to use and more functionality? Install applications.

But wait, applications are not free. You buy them for you to use them.

As I mentioned, earlier, everything has prices, and this again will lead to our number five disadvantages.

  1. Price

It is okay if you have already established your online store and manages it for a long run.

I know it’s ok for you to get premium plans on Shopify if you got lots of generated revenue.

But how about newbies in this industry? Sure they can use Shopify for free. But Shopify’s premium plans are too pricey for them


Using Shopify if you are new is ok, sure there are many online store building platforms. And each one of them has gains and weaknesses. You can only use Shopify’s full potential if you invest much money in their premium plans.